November 23rd Black Friday - Petrol below £1.20 a litre

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IMRG forecast is £1.5bn on the day - £8.5 billion sales values on the week.

November 23rd was official Black Friday – IMRG quote ‘The most on-line retail day ever’ – As petrol price bumps below one twenty a litre.

A sprinkling of snow on Wed set logisticians into a frenzy on final mile vision against snow and ice but clouds and sunshine have kept the roads clear for last mile and petrol fuelling below one twenty a litre has set the tone for logistics success.

By three in the afternoon Barclaycard transaction numbers were up 10% on last year but spending was down 12% - Further views were strong shift from high street bricks and mortar to online bargain hunting.

Anyone would be forgiven for believing it was eight Fridays and two months in one run of adverts. 'Black Everything', streamed across all media platforms. Followed up with lashings of free delivery, there have been so many signposts to Black Friday the delivery effect for 2018 looks more spread than ever; will Cyber Monday and Returns Tuesday flatten into the fortnight or two months?

 IMRG’s forecast for online retail sales during that eight-day period (19-26 Nov) is £8.1bn (+12.5% up on last year), with £1.54bn to be spent online during Black Friday itself (+13.2% up on last year). IMRG have aptly named it BLACVEMBER.

One price-hike upwards advertised for Black Friday - the bookies; 'our prices are up'!

Big win for transport as a whole is fuel; petrol price for Black Friday bumping below one twenty a litre.

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