Diversity at the Table – DfT STAT ‘Where can we go for our sector?’

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‘Diversity driving Transport’

Tracey Worth, chair of diversity for STAT DfT formed a November power house focus table to review the issues. ‘Diversity in Transport logistics, where can we go?.’

‘My question to the table is dealing with cross-sector logistics; freight, air, rail and water.’

The table responded with key views and a vision for a forum for the sector.


What is diversity? DfT has focused on the Government's twelve statements that form accessible opportunities for all. ‘race, gender, age, disability were at the top of the twelve.’

‘We need key players at the table and a single simple message for diversity in the sector.’

‘The industry must then be ready to accept diversity candidates, it must be a welcome environment, facilities are always a problem.’

‘There are many pockets of successful activity but we need more focus to achieve results.’

‘We need the whole sector at the table, road, rail, air and sea’

‘We must get the message outside the industry to attract our next generation’


Sarah Hough Skanska,

We began with ‘FIR’, fairness inclusion and respect, we have more than forty FIR champions, it’s a simply and easy programme to get your head around diversity and inclusion, this was one step for us.’ ‘We have worked with Princess Trust to successfully engage with disadvantaged candidates.


Jacqui O’Donovan,

Waste falls between logistics and construction, I find myself a women in a male-dominated world, I focus on public speaking and events to bring the message of diversity to both sectors of waste and logistics.’ ‘O’Donovan looks to be an employer of choice, there is a driver shortage, we innovate to be best in sector, our sector is dirty in comparison to parcels and food logistics.


Exploratory discussions followed on the sub-sector of transport and logistics.

Mentoring, rail has generated a great UK mentor programme, Year of engineering has gone very well. How do we get the message of success outside of our sectors. Doing it well includes those outside our sector such as B&Q who promote a very diverse workforce.

Construction is similar to waste in its image of a dirty sector and struggles with diversity in gender. Understanding each sub sectors is a challenge, when engaged the skills challenge is the next step. Perception of different groups of people to take on roles in freight, rail, air, water or road. With freight focus, looking at the driver shortage, we need to help the message to get people out of their doors. Transport seems to promote a better message than freight. Time gap from leaving school age to getting in a truck cab is always a barrier.

Tracey Worth appealed to build the contact list, Women in Transport, Women in Construction, Everywoman, CBI, send in your key contacts to be in the diversity mix for transport logistics. There will then be a forum with a date, a strong message on the invite, lets invite everyone who engages in the delivery of things on all modes.

Close of meeting 12noon