Inspirational postcode for DPD in new Nottingham DC with 200 jobs

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DPD boss Dwain MacDonald,

Our new Nottingham depot is helping to improve mileage, journey times and CO2 emissions. Investment in new locations, larger, purpose-built depots and our new, larger DCs make a huge difference to our operational efficiency. Nottingham gives us room to carry on growing.


Chairman of the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire LEP D2N2, Peter Richardson named the region as the inspirational postcode of England, with eighty per–cent of the UK within four hours' tacho drive.

The new DPD depot brings efficiency in routes that will support clean air and load 200 new jobs into the LEP zone when Nottingham becomes fully operational.

In the latest expansion for DPD, Dwain MacDonald  is opening a new depot in Nottingham, purpose-built at Blenheim Park Road.

The new depot is sixty thousand feet and replaces an older existing site at Dabell Avenue.

The new inspirational postcode location for the DPD Nottingham depot will support growth projections to 2025. The depot will bring over 200 new jobs and support 133 new routes.

Last modified on Friday, 29 June 2018 22:30