DfT host TfL LoCity van group with 24 thousand vans at the table

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Institute of Couriers chairman, Carl Lomas looks at the headlines,

Lomas, ‘Infrastructure remains key, fleet charge at a hub or individual driver charge at home ?

Nigel Banes SMMT, ‘ A patchwork quilt of London geographics, street-by-street compliance is not the way.

Simon Scarfe TfL, ‘Working with 33 London Boroughs is a big job. Compare it to 33 small cities

Sam Clarke Gnewt, ‘ Working in silos will create a long road to success.'

Tracey Worth IOC, ‘Clean air is not just about alternative fuel !

The full house tallied up 24 thousand vans at a single DfT round table, with giant display TVs for the energetic agenda.

Department for Transport hosted the Transport for London van and light vehicle LoCity group Wed April 11th to a standing-room-only event rich in operators from express final mile, DPD, Hermes, Addison Lee, GLH, Gnewt and more, with other big van operators from the likes of Docklands to food final mile delivery Ocado.

Carl Lomas chairing, ralied a familiar starting point of very interactive introductions bringing a host of issues to the table for wider discussion.  Lomas himself summed up his view of express final mile,

It’s not all about alternative fuel, getting actual delivery trips down, visions of consolidation, client awareness of the air impact on their own buying decisions are all factors. For alternative fuels, training is essential.


Lomas continued

Infrastructure charging points has been voted by this group as the biggest issue. Nature of charging is also a focus, small fleet returning to a hub for charge or individual driver roadside at home address who faces a much greater challenge to operate such a vehicle.

In a vibrant introduction session, setting a tone of communication the group has become known for, the recent Kempton Park event triggered many comments across the variety of alternative fuel vehicles, their availability and cost.

TfL focused a delivery on neighbourhoods of the future with a showcase from London Borough of Hackney. Sarah Wixey delivered the LoCity group update and Brian Robinson spoke ‘Whole life cost’ presenting an online toolkit. Cross River Partnership detailed autonomous freight. DfT freight guru Phil Martin joined the network session that was very energetic in exchange of views and talked shop with operators from Hermes, DPD, Addison Lee, GLH and Ocado.

Neighbourhoods of the Future update offered ULEV-only parking bays, pedestrian and cycle zone access for zero-emission networks with 1,600 businesses signed up to the scheme to date. Sam Clarke, Gnewt Cargo commented that the zero-emission delivery using pedestrianisation zones is really important to maintain deliveries. Rob Fowler, DPD supported that comment by saying more e-retail deliveries must be supported by access or more vans will be needed.

Sarah Wixey gave the news that LoCity was funded for four further events after the success of Kempton Park. Real World Research on 17th May is an Industry consultation event researching Driver behavior and Payload for plug-in vehicles; testing of plug-in vehicles in the real world. LoCity continue to input into the FORS future standard and King's College (University of London) are asking for 200 drivers to measure driver exposure to emissions. It’s time to put your drivers forward.

Impact of Autonomous Freight vehicles on Central London was presented by Vicky Keeble from Cross River Partnership, Deliver London Program Manager. How does industry enable autonomy ? How do we input on how freight moves ? Why does the autonomous vehicle have a cab ? TRL is doing the research and ‘Customers want to open their door to a human being not a robots’. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest risks to the future of autonomous vehicles.


 2018 news apr dft locity horseferry road discussions

DfT Phil Martin dropped in for a cuppa at the LoCity Van group networking to talk shop with the express van operators, GLH, Hermes, DPD and Ocado.


2018 news apr dft locity horseferry road simon scarfe

TfL Simon Scarfe spoke passionately about dealing with the 33 London Boroughs.


2018 news apr dft locity horseferry road sarah wixey

Sarah Wixey delivered the full picture on the highly successful Fuels in Action event at Kempton Park.


2018 news apr dft locity horseferry road kevin valentine tracey worth

Addison Lee's Kevin Valentine talks last mile with IOC CEO Tracey Worth


2018 news apr dft locity horseferry road 33 london boroughs

Let's talk 33 London boroughs for a London solution.
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