APC Profits up by 31 per cent year-on-year to £3 million for the financial year

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APC turnover rose just under one per cent to £103 million.

IOC fellow, APC chief executive Jonathan Smith.

Despite challenging market conditions, we’ve had a strong year. We’ve introduced a range of new services so that our network of depots can better serve their SME customers. Our investment in the business has meant that we’re closer than ever to our customers. We’re firm believers in SMEs being the backbone of the UK economy – it lives and dies by the successes of these small businesses. We therefore want to level the playing field and help SMEs scale-up their logistics management to match their growth plans.



Jonathan Smith told IOC that

Having the opportunity to work with the SME community is not something the independently owned APC Network ever take for granted. We are privileged to experience their drive and passion for success. Pride taken in their business is the same pride we take in providing increased services and opportunities for growth to them.   We are very encouraged by our results and the health of the SME community we serve, and are looking forward to our next steps of mutual growth.


Last modified on Monday, 04 December 2017 20:14