MCIA 45th AGM & conf – Code of conduct for L-plates – Bike theft and future markets

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new MCIA CEO Tony Campbell new MCIA CEO Tony Campbell

IOC were guests of the MCIA for the Birmingham Bike Show and the 45th AGM of the MCIA.

Over a hundred thousand new two wheelers sold in the UK last year- UK fatalities on two wheels down 13% in 2016 DfT figures. Birmingham showcase for Motorcycle Live bike show. Everything two wheels from retro cool bike launch to winter clothes at this years NEC bike show. IOC most cool machine at the Motorcycle Live event goes to Honda for the re-invention of the step threw Super Cub, seriously cool machine for London Knowledge, a run to Brighton or some sunshine deliveries in the West End.

IOC are an honorary member of the MCIA and were at the NEC Motorcycle Live bike show for the MCIA 45th AGM and the conference Nov 21st.  New chair Howard Dole, ‘2040 we should not fear change in alternative fuels.’ New CEO Tony Campbell & Karen Cole talking training, TfL  & FORS. Bike theft, Brexit and future two wheel market on the agenda.  

Starting blocks with new chairman Howard Dole, ‘thanks to Steve Kenward on his retirement, MCIA have been very active in Brexit, we neither agree nor disagree but we do embrace the step for our members. Increased bike theft has been focused on criminal gangs stealing two wheel machines to use in other criminal acts. MCIA are working with the Home Office on the increasing theft numbers. Should we fear change – 2040 alternative fuel ? No the future is in our hands. MCIA together we are strong.

New MCIA CEO Tony Campbell took a look at the 2018 two wheel market, a ten year trend rising bike sales to 2016, dipped and projected back for 2018 with expected sales of two wheelers over 125 thousand in the UK. Tony talked members rising in the MCIA and good representation from small and large players. The LoCity clean air topic, ‘TfL anti-bike with £12.50 charges for machines over ten years old. ‘ Tony focused on the bike theft numbers and had concerns the police were pointing the figure in the wrong direction, ‘we need better infrastructure on the pavement, we need better loops and bars to lock bikes to, you can't leave a bike lock against the ground, it will get easily smashed and removed.’

Karen Cole, Training – TfL – FORS & MCIAC. Karen looked at the highlights of 2016, Northampton, the Infastructure group, PACT report. Updated NPCC motorcycle safety plan. Highways England and working with the nine regions. On the training front MCIAC has accredited 95 centres for CBT across the UK, it's ready to claim national footprint for what is most people's very first step into two wheels. MCIAC also engaged with FORS and TfL to look at commercial riders. Looking at the London bubble for solutions. ‘Safer riders are good for all of us.’

Stevie Muir – MCIA PR boss, ‘Ride to Work becoming a huge success, training via MCIAC about to launch national and the new web for the MCIA goes live at the bike show,

Motorcycle safety and how it fits with the proposed IOC code of practice 2018

Proper logistics to align meetings on two wheel licence and bike safety at the NEC show. ‘How does two wheel fit into the 2020 code of conduct for the IoC sector review? IOC talks to Karen Cole, head of safety at the MCIA. Where are we on CBT and theory test for commercial riders ?  Can we improve on the safety figures for powered two wheelers. National Motorcycle casualty numbers are down, 365 fatalities 2015, 319 in 2016, both years matched at 44% in London. Seriously injured rose but light injuries fell 7% across the UK. Take a look at the full detail on the IOC web.

Photo gallery for the MCIA AGM Nov 21st at NEC Motorcycle Live bike show.

2017 news nov mcia agm campbell

Tony Campbell – new CEO of the MCIA


2017 news nov mcia agm dale

Howard Dale chairman MCIA


2017 news nov mcia agm muir

Stevie Muir, metrics and PR success for two wheels at the MCIA


2017 news nov mcia agm cole

Karen Cole MCIA Training, launching the MCIA centre accreditation UK wide – TfL and FORS


2017 news nov mcia agm clinch

MCIA Craig Carey Clinch public affairs consultant

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