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BIS trailblazers at IOC Heathrow June heads of industry hosted by West Thames College

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Esther Horner BIS – £4,900 for express driver at level two Esther Horner BIS – £4,900 for express driver at level two

Standing room only at Heathrow as BIS talked trailblazers, there was hydrogen power in the car park for an IOC heads of Industry briefing that followed a proven track record of fifteen minute slots across a varied agenda. Glen Davies TfL,  LoCity was first keynote address, ‘ 59% of white vans are in private registration!’ watching the thunderstorm cell, Heathrow Emma Gilthorpe talked air, focused on freight, 1.5 million tonnes a year through Heathrow projected to 3 million tonnes by 2030. FORS BIS & Hydrogen followed, Inpost talked collect, Nicholas Dunhill Parcel Space had collaboration at heart, Alex Farkas DWP was on hand as national logistics, Andrew Hartley, System training de-mystified levy for employers. Sarah Bell University of Derby had level 6 degrees in preparation. It was logistics employers parked wall to wall, City sprint, TNT, UK Mail FedEx and more in a briefing focused express speed.

Introductions – IOC Chair Carl Lomas MBE – Guests from major nationals to local specialist SMEs freight forwarder to network national. Employer questions focused on levy, the Express trailblazer has achieved funding caps at £4,900 per individual and delivery with sign-ups is getting close.

Esther Horner BIS / trailblazer express - English Apprenticeships: Government’s 2020 Vision. ‘3 million new apprentices by 2020, that’s one apprentice every five minutes. For this sector the govt approved the level two standard in march 2014, driven by you as employers. The assessment plan was approved may 2016, the total possible funding is 4,900 per candidate. The next challenge is finding your apprentice, National apprenticeship service, digital portal for employers & apprenticeship grant up to 1500 pounds for first 5 apprentices in an SME are all there to help. A L6 degree apprentice is in draft submission. The next step is the first starts for the level two express courier driver.

Sarah Bell University of Derby tabled the question set on degree apprenticeship needs and John Bowman researched express delivery workforce needs. Alex Farkas, sector head for logistics DWP was on hand for employer questions.

Touring the reality of hydrogen power in the car park with Dr Ben Todd & Richard Kemp Harper from Arcolaenergy. WTC principal Tracy Aust did a test drive in the silent motor, the only emission was water. Nicholas Dunhill from Parcel Space was on hand to ask the question, ‘Can technology give us significant extra improvements managing the last mile?’