BIS Trailblazer meeting for trailblazer apprenticeship framework development -Jan 20th

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Deputy Director of the joint DfE/BIS Apprenticeships Unit Jennifer Coupland opened: introduction of the new institute for apprenticeships before key focus - ‘end point assessments’ measuring the assessments, quality and comparability both internally and externally. Event closed with an outline from Mark Froud FSSS (fed for sector skills standards) ‘certificate production by FSSS will be mandatory for all trailblazers’



Meeting notes of Carl Lomas Express delivery / courier trailblazer for Institute of Couriers.

Deputy Director Jennifer Coupland stood in for Carl Creswell, ‘End point assessments should test across the whole skill need, from Norfolk to Newcastle, and the tests must be comparable. Dec guidance is the best the dept has produced to date, much greater clarity for employers and independents. Inst for Apprenticeships to be created, led by employers to set standards, it will be in the enterprise bill an a few weeks’ time.’ Jennifer left for a meeting with Nick Bowles.

Framework meeting. ‘What is an assessment plan? – Max ten pages, outlines how an apprentice will be assessed, clarifies what is expected of the apprentice, employer and assessment organisation.’ A need to develop a costing plan was outlined but emphasis this was likely to be capped by BIS. Practical examples in workgroups – apprentice log books, viva sect. then discussions on assessment objectivity, standardisation ect, sounded very familiar to the practice of existing award bodies.  A good end point assessment will measure skills, knowledge and behaviour. The new guidance highlights 9 criteria in detail. Assessment plan for property maintenance standard was a good example.

Register of Apprenticeship Assessment organisations. (The register) a list of organisations assessed to conduct end point assessments. Such an organisation cannot be involved in delivery. Bravo platform for applications, 30 on register so far, 60 more pending, monthly updates on web of new organisations. Example of alignment of two FE colleges in an application. A lead provider cannot be on the register. Discussions followed on judgement when apprentice is ready to leave gateway and enter end point assessment. Success ratios ect.

Institute for Apprenticeships. (IFA) an industry body to be live for April 2017, board of employers not yet appointed. ‘This will be the long term governance body for apprenticeships.’ ‘A new independent body responsible for apprenticeships.’ Frameworks for the trailblazer currently with BIS will transfer to the IFA. ‘There may be an interim period.

Federation for sector skills standards – (FSSS) Mark Freud, ‘We have provided certificates for 900 thousand apprentices since our 2013 start, we want consistent certificates for all apprenticeships, we are paid twenty two pounds per certificate and send direct to employers. We expect a similar process for trailblazers. We do not keep candidate address details. BIS ‘FSSS will be mandatory for trailblazers.’

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