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Ten thousand words of nominations for the 21st year of the National Courier Awards.

Recognition from apprentice to lifetime achievement as Express sector rattled their clappers for the final mile.

IoC President Lord Falkland,

Twenty one years of the National Courier Awards, Express is an evolving sector and the awards have driven recognition of excellence. Tonight we see recognition from start to finish with apprentice to lifetime award and a national step change win for same day nationwide.

IoC chair, Carl Lomas The Three Ts, Transport / Taylor / Trailblazer. He spoke

Continued retail shift from High Street to home deliver has brought challenge to a sector evolving to deliver customer chain excellence, those at the forefront are here for awards this evening and have been recognised by our independent panel of judges.

Carole Woodhead, (just Walker) has moved up, she becomes chief executive Hermes Europe. Carole will take responsiblity for Europe.

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved in the UK and would like to thank my fantastic team,” said Walker. “This new role is an amazing opportunity for me to use my experience, industry expertise and UK success to help support and develop Hermes’ businesses across Europe."

Martijn de Lange steps up to take chief executive of Hermes UK.

On the eve of the Lo-City Alexandra Palace show, the Mayor of London confirmed (Friday Nov 3rd) plans for the next major stage of his hard-hitting measures to help tackle London’s lethal air pollution and dramatically reduce harmful emissions with the early introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in central London from 8th April 2019.

Powered two wheeler accidents on the rise, IoC talks with the Transport Minister John Hayes and TfL, alongside the October heads of industry meeting resulted in the first foundations of a code of practice for Express delivery,  An express delivery courier will  be expected to have passed both their CBT and theory test before conducting paid, professional delivery work on a powered two wheeler.

Motorcycle riding standards are key to safety in London, the theory test passed should be a minimum standard before using a powered two wheeler for work.

Presently an individual can complete their CBT,  ride a powered two wheeler and not have to have passed their theory  knowledge of the Highway Code. The IoC code will set theory test passed as a minimum standard in its 2018 code of conduct for express delivery.

A IoC heads of Industry – a room rich and full of operators for express - the three T's Transport, Taylor & Trailblazer with national speakers

DWP, BIS IFA, TfL & TfGM at the IoC Heads of industry fellows round table event. Transport, Taylor & Trailblazer covered all key issues leading to the vision of a sector code of conduct for 2018.


The upcoming edition of Warehouse and Logistics News passes on the IoC's message about Code of Practice to an even wider audience.  The National Courier Awards and the Heads of Industry round table earlier the same day are also covered in a publication than reaches nearly 40,000 subscribers in the sector every fortnight.

Euston Traffic as roads close Friday Oct 27.

NW1 closures were tweeted by the IoC from first am.

Euston water main work closed roads in NW1, end of a busy Friday as road works continued.


Judges have made the secret decisions for the National Courier Awards.

It was time to read a compendium of ten thousand words of excellence in the most detailed nominations in the 21 year history of the National Courier Awards.

Votes have been taken and the silver C courier awards are waiting for the best of the best in the express courier sector. President's nominations include a services to industry winner for the 21st National courier awards 2017 and there is also a win nominated for Step Change in the sector. Military nominations for logistics in regular, reserve and private sector are set to recognise deliveries in austere locations under pressure. While the winners are a secret, it will be no surprise to expect a standing ovation for the excellence to be recognised in military logistics by the private sector of express and courier.

Two wheel, four wheel and contract categories were again of exceptional quality this year. Presidential awards will include corporate safety, road safety, client collaboration and consolidation aligned to LoCity clean air. A top apprentice is expected to be recognised and senior academics from around the UK will be on stage to make the award. Highest award of services to industry is tipped to be delivered in 2017 for the twenty-first year of the awards.

IoC President Viscount, Lord Falkland will open the gala event on Oct 17th, Honorary Fellow, Traffic Commissioner Sarah Bell will be on hand to help dish out the silver C courier awards alongside key industry VIPs, including the livery masters of the Carmen and Information Technologists.


Clean air, alternative fuel van discussion hosted at London Met University, Moorgate.

Perfect mix of guests with operators alongside tech, manufacturers and govt to talk clean air, electric-centric, but other fuels on the table. TRL, TfL and DFT in the mix for discussions. Carl Lomas chairing sorted frank exchange discussions as operators talked about a jigsaw of options.

History in the making as transport livery sign for their very own home in the heart of London.

Five hundred years in the making, Carmen livery of transport signed a 125-year lease today for their first proper home, at St Dunstan's in Fleet Street, London.

A new copper roof, lift access, lots of space for meetings in transport, the new hall of the Carmen was signed today and blessed by the Bishop.

Lights, lawyers, camera and action as documents signed for the new home of the livery of transport in the heart of London, a 500-year step on Friday 13th.