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IOC membership ensures that you are recognised as a quality professional with the necessary levels of academic achievement, experience, training and integrity.


Join your professional colleagues and be recognised by the IoC

NCA winners

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Membership benefits

Becoming a member provides you with professional recognition for your courier industry related skills, experience and achievements, which will enhance your career prospects. Tangible evidence will take the form of post nominal letters. Not only will membership give you the edge over the competition, you will gain access to relevant industry information in the Courier News. Membership also grants access to the Institute's many events and seminars. Information on these can be found in the Members section.

Membership levels

Different membership levels are available to individuals to reflect their experience, or qualifications. There are four main levels of individual membership; these are Affiliate, Associate, Member and Fellow. Criteria for each level are detailed below.

Affiliate membership is suitable for those who fit into the following categories -

  • Working towards the criteria for Associate membership
  • Indirectly involved in the courier industry or in association with the industry services, and interested in receiving industry news

Affiliate members will receive the bi-annual 'Courier News' Magazine, but there are no post nominals available for Affiliate members.

The acceptance criteria for Associate Member are currently under review
Member status is suitable for those who fit into any of the following categories -

  • Completed and passed a higher level qualification or degree recognised by the IOC
  • Office applicants: possess 5 years experience in the same day courier industry, including 3 years managerial experience
  • Road applicants: possess 5 years experience for 'road' applicants

You may apply by two routes, either the Qualification route or the Experiential route.


To apply in this route you need to fulfil the following specification:

  • Completed and passed a higher level qualification or degree as recognised by the IOC
  • Possess 3 years managerial experience

Experience - Route 1 - Office

To apply in this route you need to fulfil all of the following specifications:

  • Possess 5 years experience in in the same courier industry to include 3 years in a manager level position.
  • Provide a portfolio of evidence that includes:
    •  Proof of work experience, ie, your CV, employment dates, and job descriptions
    •  Company Director letter of reference
    •  Sample of work evidence, ie, letters, projects, minutes of meeting

Experience - Route 2 - Road

To apply in this route you need to fulfill all of the following specifications:

  • Possess 5 years experience in in the same courier industry
  • Provide a portfolio of evidence that includes:
    • Proof of work experience, ie, your CV, employment dates, and job descriptions
    • Company Director letter of reference
    • Proof of knowledge about the following:
      • Vehicle knowledge
      • Customer skills
      • Company policy
      • Administration awareness
      • Road skills and safety awareness

The IOC reserves the right to ask the applicant to attend an interview if required.

Fellow status is gained by completing two stages. 

Stage One

Applicants must satisfy either criteria:

  • Hold MIOC status
  • Have carried out exceptional services for a same-day courier company or on behalf of the industry

Stage Two

Applicants will then be assessed for Fellow status by the IOC Board against the following criteria:

  • Eminence in a particular field
  • Status, i.e., held in high regard by known members of the industry, or senior management or a large organisation
  • Exceptional service to the industry and/or institute in a professional capacity
  • Portfolio of evidence of services to the industry

It is normal that a individual seeking Fellow status will be invited for an interview. There is a charge for this.


If you are a National Courier Award Winner / Shortlister you can receive a very special offer of 'No Application Fee' for Associate or MIoC . Quote your Category to claim your discount (within the year of presentation). The appropriate fee(s) must accompany all application forms. Please note that our fee structure is currently under review. For 2015-2016 fees please contact the IoC directly.


Application fees

  • Associate Joining Fee1 - £
  • MIOC application - qualification route2 - £
  • MIOC application - experiential route2 - £
  • MIOC/FIOC* - experiential route2 3 - £

Annual subscription fees

  • Associate - £
  • Member - MIOC - £
  • Fellow* - FIOC* - £
  • Retired member - £

Other fees

  • Transfer fee for qualification/experiential route - £
  • Reinstatement fee - £
  • Appeal fee - £
  • Interview fee - £

Payment details

IOC requires a credit or debit card payment for Application fee and the first years' membership with a completed application form. All future payments will be made by standing order.

Corporate membership

If you are interested in a Corporate Membership please email your contact details.

  1. Administration fee is a one-off payment if membership is continuous.
  2. The application fee is a payable as a one-off payment at the time of applying for that member status. A subscription fee is for the period 1st July to 30th of June each year annual subscription fees apply in full at any time during this period.
  3. On some occasions an interview may be necessary to assess an applicant's knowledge and understanding. It is expected that if offered 'Fellow Status' that you will attend the House of Lords presentation and this will be charged out at the current 'Fellow's Gowning' charges.

*International applications are considered individually on application. Joining Fees and membership fees may differ from the shown UK member structure.

Click here to download a PDF application form