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It's time for you to answer the Apprenticeship Trailblazer survey by BIS for the Express delivery / Courier Standard.

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BIS have just launched this month’s surveys on Standards; the Express Delivery standard is now online - click  here to see the survey


Carl Lomas IOC Chair,

I am keen to see feedback into BIS for their online survey. Trailblazer submissions, Express delivery / Courier deadline is Friday, Dec 11th .


The picture below was captured at the Oct IOC heads of industry meeting chaired by Justin Moore CitySprint, hosted at the Inst Of Directors. It was this meeting that took the step forward to rebadge trailblazer courier to 'Express delivery' recognising the wider e-retail footprint of our sector. The photo captures one of the employer tables with Jon Stockton TNT, John Noble UK Mail, Richard Massey Rush and John Rock, RLC army.

2015 news dec 06 bis survey 01

The survey is  fairly narrative and should take only ten minutes of your time ; my own answer focused on e-retail expansion, shift from bricks and mortar retail to home delivery - Black Friday 2016 up 30% on 2015. The new standard has further stretch, identifying progression to master courier/ lead driver. Other updates include: importance of returns, technical couriers who deliver and fit. As I filled in the survey I talked about growth of our sector and workforce need over next five years. 'We need more workforce and it needs to be trained, a new trailblazer apprenticeship would measure that training. from two wheels to four.'

Training and Career development are important in the role of express delivery driver

Dwain MacDonald, Chief Executive DPD 7 Dec 2015

Full details of the standard for apprenticeship trailblazer express delivery courier remains on the IOC web

To participate in the survey, click here


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