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Vaccine logistics on a scale not seen before

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Brigadier Phil Prosser 101 Brigade RLC – The Iron Vipers - briefed the nation on accelerated vaccine deployment at the Downing Street Covid Press Conference on 7th January 2021.

Brigadier Phil Prosser, 101 Logistic Brigade, the Iron Vipers was amongst the IOC National Courier Award winners in 2020 for its coalition with Clipper to deliver PPE to the NHS.

This week he stood alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson to talk about getting vaccine in people's arms, not vaccine left on shelves.

‘In 30 days we have delivered 1.26 million doses of vaccine. Logistics on this scale has not been done before, it is unparalleled in its scale and complexity. Next week, we will increase this by 20%’

The Brigadier speaking on PM briefing,

We are used to complexity and building supply chains at speed. Our mission is to support the NHS. Get vaccine anywhere in England. Using agility to deliver vaccine as quickly as possible from supply. Getting vaccine in peoples arms, not storing it on shelves. Our aim is to deliver operational excellence on the ground with command and control.